Cassava Growth Markets

Improving the livelihoods of smallholder cassava farmers through better access to growth markets

Tanzania: Naliendele Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) ( )

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NARI is the national body with over 50 years of research and development experience on cassava and with the overall responsibility of crop improvement in Tanzania. It was NARI who first recognised CBSD in the 1980s as a real threat to food security, and called for concerted efforts to control the disease. Since then NARI has been at the forefront of CBSD research and particularly involved in the development of CBSD-tolerant varieties that are widely cultivated in the region.

NARI is one of seven agricultural research zonal centres in Tanzania under the Ministry of Agriculture, and Food Security. It was established in 1970 and entrusted with a mandate to conduct agricultural research that addresses the needs and aspirations of the farmers, particularly improved crop productivity and quality.

Principal scientific contact: Geoffrey Mkamilo